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Dick Corbett

born: 27/09/1908, Bethnal Green
died: 03/03/1943

Born Richard Truman Coleman, Dick Corbett borrowed his ring-name from his elder brother Harry Corbett, a British featherweight champion who taught Dick how to box.

Dick was a boxer first and last: he possessed a brilliant, flashing straight-left and was said to be like a shadow to hit. In a 17-year pro career he beat such top men as Johnny King, Dave Crowley, Teddy Baldock, Benny Caplan, Johnny Cusick, Benny Sharkey, South Africa’s Willie Smith and many more. He was a two-time British bantamweight champion and one of the best men Britain ever produced at that weight. He is best remembered for his classic title contests with Manchester’s Johnny King.

Tragically, Dick was one of 173 people who lost their lives in the Bethnal Green tube disaster of 3 March 1943. He died a hero, trying to help a young mother with a small baby who had fallen near the foot of the tube station steps. Miraculously, when Dick’s body was recovered the baby was found still alive in his arms. He was just 34 and still fighting professionally. (Words: Alex Daley)

Fight History
127 (KO's 32)
Divisions fought in


⊕  Dick Corbett jogs with an unknown boxer

⊕  Dick Corbett's Lonsdale belt

⊕  Dick Corbett in training

⊕  Dick Corbett

⊕  Dick and Harry Corbett after Dick's first title win

⊕  Wandsworth Greyhound Stadium programme cover

⊕  Bethnal Green boxers Archie Sexton and Dick Corbett